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4 Questions to Ask a Tampa Tree Service Company

A properly licensed Tampa tree service company can protect your investment.

Don’t throw away your money

If your pet, child, or even yourself were sick, would you get them surgery or have them treated before being diagnosed?  If you could get their surgery done half price by someone who says they know what they are doing, but they aren’t licensed to practice medicine, don’t have insurance in case things go wrong, but were really nice and one of your friends said they trusted them, would you go ahead and take your chances to save the money?

Trees are living organisms with arteries and vessels. Trees not only create beauty and shade, they also create oxygen by cleansing the air of carbon dioxide.  Trees naturally cool areas where they are prevalent, because the leaves use transpiration to emit water from them to keep them from burning.

Trees do so much for our environment, our home’s aesthetics, and our electric bills, yet seem to not be treated and respected the way they deserve to be.

Trees that are cut improperly by removing too many leaves, not being cut in the proper place, or  not having tools that are sterilized daily can be damaged or die. These kind of practices are irreparable.

Tampa tree service companies do not have to abide by any regulations, and therefore it is on a tree owner’s shoulders to do the research.  Arborists are not just anyone with a Chainsaw.  No tree should be trimmed, cut, shaped, or removed without a proper consultation to assess the tree before hand.  Again, would you accept a diagnoses or treatment plan for yourself without a thorough evaluation by a qualified doctor?

Home owners need to ask the right questions and then check up on certifications, insurances, and references.  You will be surprised at just how much your trees are worth.  If a tree is destroyed by improper techniques, the replacement for even a semi mature tree is valued between $10,000 and $100,000.  If you have a tree over 50 years old the value can go up to $300,000 dollars for replacement.  We help in lawsuits where builders have destroyed old growth trees on someone else’s property by destroying root systems or improperly cutting trees just to have the air space they want to build in.   Trees are one of your most valuable assets on your property.

Tampa tree service company

The questions you need to ask any tree service to protect your valuable assets are as follows:

1) Are you an Arborist?

They should be able to provide proof of this with either a badge or a member’s directory with their company name in it.
Moore & Smith Tree Care LLC is proud to be a member of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture).

2) Do you follow ANSI standards?

Every Tampa tree service company worth knowing or even having on your property should be a member of TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association).  This is an association that not only requires constant update, training, and education not only in safety standards, but also in proper pruning techniques that need to be followed in order for a tree to live a healthy and sustainable life.
Moore &  Smith Tree Care LLC is a proud member of TCIA.

3) Do you sterilize all of your saws and equipment in between each job?

Not practicing this regularly can bring your trees diseases from someone else’s trees, termites, wood bores, fungi, and ultimately death to your trees.  Would you let a doctor use a scalpel on you that he has used on even one other patient that hasn’t been sterilized?
Moore &  Smith Tree Care LLC sterilizes tools between each job.

4) Are you Bonded?

Insurance covers if they hurt your property,  but not if a tree service hurts your trees.  A bond covers an Arborist’s workmanship,  so in the instance that bad workmanship damages your trees,  you have some recourse.
Moore & Smith Tree Care LLC proudly carries a bond and has never had a claim.

Treat your trees with the respect any living thing deserves.  Don’t cut corners to save a bit of money,  because it can end up costing you a whole lot more than if you had gone to a professional Tampa tree service that takes being an Arborist seriously.

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