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4 Questions to Ask a Tampa Tree Service Company

A properly licensed Tampa tree service company can protect your investment. Don’t throw away your money If your pet, child, or even yourself were sick, would you get them surgery or have them treated before being diagnosed?  If you could get their surgery done half price by someone who says they know what they are […]

Fungus Among Us: How To Help Control Fusarium Wilt

Get Your Palm Trees Checked for Fusarium Wilt! Palm trees are dying state wide in Florida due to a disease called Fusarium Wilt. This fungus mainly affects Queen and Mexican Fan Palms but can be detrimental to other palms as well. This is an airborne disease and if one palm has it can quickly spread to other trees in the […]

Things You Should Do To Prevent Storm Damage For Your Trees

Summer and early fall is the perfect time to get ready for dreaded winds, ice, and storms. Trees that are not properly looked after or that you have not at least had looked out by a professional could be a hazardous threat to your home and your well being. It is free to get an estimate and advice on your trees and every home owner should utilize this service even if it is to budget for things that will become a necessity.

When’s the Right Time to Get Your Trees Pruned?

This is a question that is commonly asked in our industry. The answer also varies. Fruit trees in particular should only be pruned while dormant in between flowering. On most trees this is between late fall and early spring, but can sometimes be pushed to late spring depending on the weather.

What We Do

Don’t risk life and limb! Call the tree removal experts. Our free estimates on tree trimming, pruning, removals, and more should give you a precise understanding of what your project will set you back. Our main objective is to ensure the conservation of trees. This involves a thorough explanation to our clients as why certain […]