Fungus Among Us: How To Help Control Fusarium Wilt

Get Your Palm Trees Checked for Fusarium Wilt!

Palm trees are dying state wide in Florida due to a disease called Fusarium Wilt. This fungus mainly affects Queen and Mexican Fan Palms but can be detrimental to other palms as well. This is an airborne disease and if one palm has it can quickly spread to other trees in the area and even further when the wind is stronger. Homeowners should have their trees evaluated at least once yearly to determine the health and needs of their trees.

Identifying Fusarium Wilt

If anything looks different on your Palms, like more brown fronds than usual, or mold-like substance on the trunk, an Arborist should be called immediately. Moore & Smith Tree Care strives to save and preserve trees, and sometimes this means removing trees that are diseased quickly.

Ganoderma Root and Palm Bores are another problem for palms. While Fusarium Wilt is not treatable, Ganoderma Root and Palm Bores are if caught early. The only way to catch these kind of deadly diseases and infection in a tree and save your trees is to call an Arborist to evaluate your trees whenever things just don’t look right. With the proper diagnoses many diseases and infestations can be eliminated or controlled to stop further issues.

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