When’s the Right Time to Get Your Trees Pruned?

This is a question that is commonly asked in our industry.  The answer also varies.  Fruit trees in particular should only be pruned while dormant in between flowering.  On most trees this is between late fall and early spring, but can sometimes be pushed to late spring depending on the weather.

Most trees can be pruned at any time of the year, but when doing major trimming to your trees it is best to avoid severe hot or severe cold.  Fortunately for the Northwest, we do not experience much severe hot weather, but severe cold can be an issue in the winter time.  Trimming a tree harshly during a freeze can lead to killing a tree.  Light trimming even in severe weather is generally ok.  If there are branches that are threatening homes, property, or possible life then these branches should be addressed immediately regardless of weather.  As much as we love our trees, I always say ‘’Life over Limb”

Contact Moore & Smith Tree Care LLC if you would like advice on any particular trees and we are happy to come out and give you free advice and an estimate.

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