Questions and Answers

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Most common types of jobs we do for our clients.

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Root Feeds, Root blocking to save your lanai or driveway.

We treat customers with respect and have pride in every job we do.

Recent jobs you’ve completed.

Here are just a couple of reviews from our customers:

If you want the job done right, call this company. Phillip is a professional arborist with loads of experience. He took his time and transformed our yard into something we could really stand back and admire. He has a knack for aesthetics and took care in cutting each branch to ensure that not only the trees and hedges looked good, but were trimmed in such a way as to protect their health in the long run. You will find that he and his wife, Cassandra, who we met with initially, are very friendly, courteous people who really take pride in what they do.

Very experienced and knowledgable about trees and shrubs. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is looking to prune, remove or correct tree root problems. Very reasonably priced. Very proffessional. VERY satisfied.

I just need my trees trimmed are not all companies the same?

  • All tree companies are not the same. Always ask for verifiable references from past customers.
  • Never put money down until the job is completed.
  • Always call to verify insurance. There are a good number of contractors that are not current with their insurance. We make sure that a customer is completely covered for any possible damage, even though we have never had a claim.
  • Ask to drive by and see if some trees that the tree service has trimmed if you are getting a trim, because once a branch is cut off you can’t put it back.

Why is Moore Smith Better than the rest?

  • We are family operated not just owned.
  • We have been on television for our pruning techniques and have worked for the likes of Kenneth Disney, (Walt Disney’s grandson) in the past.
  • We were originally a northwest tree company, so we are highly experienced in working with large and hazardous trees.
  • We don’t just use bucket trucks to do jobs. We have actual arborists that climb and rig things in trees to do a complete, thorough, and safe job for our customers. Bucket trucks can not reach to the inside of most trees without breaking branches that shouldn’t be, but we do use a bucket truck for appropriate work.

How did you decide to get in your line of work?

I am an ex-pilot for Air France, however my uncle was on the forestry commission in Scotland. I grew up on the forestry commission and have been doing trees for almost twenty years now.

I have worked on chateaus in France and love the ornamental aspect and art of my work. We are not just a tree service, we are artists with chainsaws. People don’t realize how much beauty is in the natural structure of a tree. We teach them.

What do you like most about your job?

The people we work with and the yards we make beautiful.