Review Date: 06/12/2017 | Author: Drew Kirkeby

Review Date: 06/12/2017 | Author: Drew Kirkeby

From the estimate to the final bill, nothing but the most professional experience. Coming from a construction background, I really appreciate the effort this company puts into each job. We had a dead tree in the back yard of our house that we just moved into 3 weeks ago and it was such a safety hazard that Moore & Smith was able to push through the required permitting and prioritize our safety to remove the tree. If you care about the trees, the visual appeal of your property, and your safety then be sure to invest in the right company for the job. Moore & Smith is fully insured, that means both your property and their workers are taken care of if anything goes wrong. This is very important in their line of work given the dangers. They also have arborists overseeing their jobs which means when they trim your trees, they aren’t just cutting for the heck of it (which can lead to worse health for a tree). They are strategically making cuts to maximize the health of your trees and yard. When I came to see the end result, other than some saw dust I could not tell they were ever there. I also was able to meet with the owners who personally work and oversee every job. This was awesome because after talking with Phil, I was convinced I wanted him to manicure all the trees in my front yard on top of the tree removal I had originally hired them for. My neighbor was so impressed she also hired their services on the spot. I will be referring them to all my friends and family!

Sorry if this is a long review but I just thought they were worth giving it for.

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