Review Date: 06/18/2017 | Author: Erin Burr

Review Date: 06/18/2017 | Author: Erin Burr

Moore & Smith Tree Service did an outstanding job with the many oaks and palms in our yard. We weren’t sure if we wanted tree removal, or just reduction (cut back) and when Tony came out to speak with us, he was very knowledgeable and gave me quotes for both scenarios. He informed me about the benefits of both, but never tried to sway me to take the more expensive route at all. The quoted price was more than fair and their communication was fantastic. I simply cannot express how diligent they are with their communication during the process and keeping you 100% in the loop during the project. Tony was amazing!!

To add onto that, when the team came out to complete the tree work, they introduced themselves and walked around to each tree and discussed the work to be done with myself and my husband. One of the owners himself also came to our house the day of to discuss the project with us, and was very patient and knowledgeable with all of our questions and concerns.

We were also very pleased with the work completed in the short amount of time (they are very efficient), along with the fact that the cleanup was so diligent you would not known they had even been there (aside from my trees looking amazing after). 🙂

To top it off, Tony came by after to walk around with me again to make sure everything was done to my liking.

Impeccable service, communication, and knowledge. They are now on my list for any future tree needs! :):)

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