Diseased Tree Injections

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Nashville Diseased Tree Injection

I know, you aren’t visiting the doctor’s office, but your trees are living things and do get diseases as well.

We are tree specialists and we can work to diagnose diseases or conditions that a tree may be experiencing.

Trees catch diseases in many different ways.  One way is airborne.  If trees in the area have been infected with a disease, some of these disease can be simply transferred by a breeze from one tree to another.

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How tree can get infected

Another way a tree can get infected is from a tree service or landscaping company working on a diseased tree and not properly disinfecting and sterilizing their tools before beginning work on your tree.  This is common practice especially in Tennessee as there are no state, county, or city regulations or continuing education courses offered in the proper care of trees.

Buyer Beware: What this means to you is, unless you hire a professional arborist and someone that truly knows about trees inside and out you could end up hiring a guy with a truck a chain saw and the willingness to claim themselves as a professional.

Diseased Tree

This is another reason it is so important that homeowners do their homework when it comes to hiring a true professional to trim their trees.

Price should never ever be your first consideration.  If it is, you may as well just cut your tree down because the maintenance of a diseased tree will run you much more than proper maintenance of a healthy tree.

We sterilize all of our equipment to insure that diseases are not brought to your precious trees.

Again, we treat them as we would our own. If you have a tree that you think is diseased, we can assess it and offer treatment with injections that could possibly cure the disease.  Some diseases are incurable.  We hope you never have to use this service, but if you do we are here for you.

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