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With the exception of very few invasive species of trees, almost every tree removal and even some tree trimming in Tennessee requires either a County or a City Permit.

Our team is well versed in exact costs of each permit needed for every job. We can expedite permits for you and we do all of the work. We DO NOT charge to do the permitting for you. This is a free service we offer to you as soon as you sign a work authorization with us and put a deposit down holding your spot on the schedule.

The only fee you are charged is the EXACT amount the County or City charges us, which is the exact amount you would be charged if you were taking the day out to go do it yourself.  We provide you with receipt of the permit or the permit can be verified online through your corresponding county or city. We do this to save our customers headache, learning curves, waiting times, emails, faxes, and your time.

It’s just the little extra things like these that make our customers keep coming back time and time again.

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