Nashville Tree Safety Evaluations

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Tree Safety Evaluation Reports For Closings on Homes

Sometimes when purchasing a home homeowners will take one look at the outdoors of the property and their heart will drop.

What seemed like a good deal now looks like it could cost a fortune.

Maybe the yard has been overgrown to the point where there are going to be HOA back owed fines or there are hazardous trees that will keep the house from qualifying for homeowners insurance, or you don’t feel safe moving in until this is done.

Raise your home value

We will write up professional reports as Arborists and provide it to you for a fee so it can be presented to the seller or mortgage company so you can ask for it to be either included in closing costs or reduced off of the price of the property.

Trees can raise a homes value, but improperly cared for trees and hazardous trees can devalue a property very quickly. Our fees vary on the size of property and number of trees being evaluated. Call us today or use the form below to get in touch with us.

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