Virtual Tree Services

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Virtual Tree Services for Commercial and Property Management

Never leave your desk to handle tree issues at a property again!

This is a service that the property management and commercial accounts that we have rave about!!

We are a company that utilizes technology.  So if you are looking for no more headaches here it is.

Tree Trimming Including Grand Oaks

The process

Just call Moore & Smith Tree Care LLC and say you have one or several properties that have issues with trees.  You may or may not know the issues and you may or may not be able to make it out to these properties.

So we will go to the properties, evaluate and report back to you.

What we do:

  • We take Property addresses, email address, phone number, and contact info

  • A Certified Arborist goes to property and takes pictures of all trees on property and numbers each picture

  • The Arborist evaluates health of each tree on property

  • The Arborist writes recommendations corresponding to each picture trim or remove, why , and price

  • The Arborist emails all pictures with recommendations on work authorization to you the contact person

  • The contact person looks over proposal and decides what they want done and emails back any modifications and then the approval with electronic signature on work authorization

  • The Arborist email back possible schedule dates for completion

  • You the contact person approves dates for completion

  • Our tree crew arrives on the job, completes each tree, takes after pictures of each tree when complete

  • The after pictures are emailed to the Contact and upon satisfaction with job we are paid either by check , credit card by phone, or directly to bank ( we have set up with some of our property management companies)  We then provide receipt for payment by email to accompany original work authorization that detailed out the charges

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